Our candles, unlike many others, are 100% soy, phthalate-free, vegan, cruelty-free and hand-poured.

Soy wax is very environmentally-friendly and is made from a renewable source. It is also clean burning which means there is a high reduction of soot compared to others. The American Chemical Society found that chemicals in paraffin wax can cause problems for people with asthma and some allergies. North Carolina State University has discovered that even unscented paraffin candles can aggravate air quality and cause breathing problems. Soy candles last from 25% to 50% longer that paraffin candles, also making them more economical.

They are water soluble so you can wash your jars with hot soapy water and our pretty glass containers can be reused and/or recycled.

Both wax and scented oils are manufactured in Europe, following strict procedures and quality control on several levels in the production process therefore meeting the highest production standards and having all the safety certificates.