"Me Time" routines

"Me Time" routines

We women often take on the roles of mother, wife, partner, friend or others. We’re so dedicated to being there for other people, but what about being there for ourselves and feeling courageous and unstoppable?

Finding a time in the day just for yourself, in the peace and quietness of your home, before the whole world wakes up... I have never been a morning person, but I have decided to focus more on myself and create small rituals which will help me start my days with positive feelings.

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As easy as it may sound, creating new habits and sticking to them might require a lot of dedication and persistency, but you could start from taking small steps, small changes and decisions in your life.

Number one point for me is to take my time and start the day slowly creating luxurious moments at the beginning of each day.

With colder autumn days and misty mornings, I love snuggling on my sofa with a cup of hot coffee and lighting my autumn-scented soy candle at the break of dawn, allowing the smells of freshly-brewed coffee and a Warm Vanilla Moel soy candle to fill my home, make it feel calm and luxurious. I put on nice instrumental music like Autumn Jazz at this period of the year, which takes me back to the crispy, foggy streets of Paris with smells of freshly-baked baguettes or Pumpkin Spiced Muffins coming from small bakeries. Then I do my 10-minute guided meditation, setting my intention for the day.

The most important part of my morning routine is my morning pages. Buy a notebook with blank sheets of paper, and every morning write 3 pages of your thoughts. Whatever comes to mind in that specific moment when the pen touches that piece of paper. Do not think and force yourself about making sense, about reading your pages later. Just pour out on that paper whatever comes into your head. With time, you will actually see that these morning pages are clearing your mind of either unimportant things or helping you generate new ideas. By adding this to my morning routine, I can say with confidence that I feel much more clear-headed, energetic and focused on the things which are important.

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Photo credit: @theivabeaute

And most importantly, every morning, I write down 3 things I am grateful for as I continue into my day.

Going through this routine every morning and taking time for myself makes me ready to tackle all the challenges the day throws at me. This is the smart luxury we can afford ourselves in life.

Remember, the best time for new beginnings is now.

To all the strong and courageous women out there,


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