Luxury DIY vase

Luxury DIY vase

When it comes to luxury, we all love a little bit of it in our home, and if you are the creative one, you will enjoy this DIY. Moel candles and this beautiful breathtaking vase are must have luxury essentials. You will be even more pleased knowing you made it. Our guest blogger for this month @just.a.val will show you how to make one, following 5 easy steps without overspending.

 You will need:

  1. a vase
  2. duct tape
  3. structure paste
  4. colour
  5. gold foil pieces
  6. brush


1. Mark the height you want with a tape.


2. Put structure paste over the vase and let it dry over night.

3. Paint dried structure paste into wanted colour (we used gold).

4. Stick foil pieces into colour while it isn't completely dry.

5. Let it dry and take off the tape.

This is how our @just.a.val did it.

We hope that you liked this idea and that you will enjoy your new vase. Every month we bring you inspirational and interesting articles so don't forget to follow us.

Until next month, we wish you a lot of fragrant Moel moments.

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