We at Moel are inspired by giving and that is why we have designed the Moel Royal Club for you so that every one of your purchases can be rewarded.

Each and every one of our Moel customers is automatically enrolled in our loyalty club if they have an account. For every EUR you spend with us, we'll reward you with 1 Moel Royal point. After earning 400 points, we'll give you 20% off your next order! Moel Royal points are eligible for usage only after 400 points or more. They CANNOT be exchanged for money and they have to be used for one order.

Once you reach 400 Moel Royal points you will become eligible for a reward.

How does it work?

To turn points into a reward, you will need to log into your account on the Moel website, then click on the launcher to open the rewards panel.

Next, click on ‘All rewards’.

If you don't have enough points to redeem, you will see a progress bar on the right, next to the Moel Royal Points name.

If you do have enough points, there will be a ‘Redeem’ button.

Upon clicking redeem, you will be taken to a page that shows a coupon code with a button ‘Apply code’ which will automatically apply your coupon code to the checkout.

You can use your code whenever you want, there is no expiration date. Only ONE discount code can be used per order so if you have 800 points (or more) and you are eligible for more than one code, you have to use them in separate orders.

Shipping amount is not included in the reward-collecting programme.

You have to have an account with us to be eligible for the Royal Club.

Happy shopping!